August 3, 2021
Kids Piano 02

Children and Music – How to Guide them

Kids Piano 02In most situations children who learn piano and any musical instrument are the children of parents who also either play an instrument or sings. Realistically a parent can’t tell their child to learn music if they do not have it in their lives in some form.

You don’t have to be Beethoven. You can love country, classical, rock, gospel, rap, pop or any type of music, whether you listen to it or sing it you need to instill in your children that music is a very good thing.

Before we discuss any further let’s make something clear, always tell your children to play piano not practice piano. Do this yourself, and this will make them want to do the same.

There are many types of pianos available in the market, and it can be matched to your child’s age range. For example, there is the Schoenhut Baby Grand Piano. It will suit very your children who are around five yeas old. Then it gradually gets bigger.

Play piano, not practice.

What’s important is not how a young student listens to what the instructor says but how the student perceives it. The method of teaching, whatever it is, is worthless unless appreciated by the student’s “procedure.”.

This can take months or years, or weeks or days. It depends upon the youngster. A nervous child makes aKids Piano 01 poor student. Set them at ease by not pushing too hard until they are ready for more improvement. You are the gatekeeper to the mysteries of music.

It’s as if there were a secret door to each specific youngster’s understanding of music, and all you have to do is sit there and guide them until they find that magic door themselves. You can not force the moment where they perceive that they can play piano. It will come, and you can prepare them for that.

If you lose the child’s interest in piano it is your fault, not theirs. Prepare them appropriately, carefully. It’s hard to learn to read standard sheet music. It requires time. Certainly, a gifted, great youngster might indeed learn the abilities of reading music in a few minutes or days. But what about the other 99.99 % of kids? Should these average, even gifted kids, be rejected the wonders of playing piano music since the abilities necessary to read standard sheet music just weren’t promptly evident to their intellectual capabilities? Set limits that the child can understand right away. Break down the elements up until the youngster easily scales each carefully graduated step. Help your child walk the path by themselves.

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